Dear Conrad …

Here’s an email from one of my students which is typical of the kinds of emails and queries I frequently get …

When it seems like there is no hope, when it seems like you will never get out of the shit you are in, when it feels like the end of world, when everything in your life is going haywire, when you feel like whatever you are doing aren’t working, when you no longer know what to do, when you feel like you can’t go on anymore, how do you get out of it, how did you find the strength to stand up again?

To that, my usual anwers are of the motivational kind, uplifting words, encouragement, etc. This is usually because such queries are made by strangers and those who are not my students.

This time, I decided to tell it like it really is. And it is exactly what my values are;

There is always hope.
There is always a way out.
There is always a tomorrow.
Everything happens for a reason.
There is always one more thing you can do.
There will always be a reason to want to do better.

I don’t blame.
I don’t complain.
I don’t find excuses.

I find solutions.
I look for answers.
I take responsibility.

When things get so bleak, that is when I am at my strongest.
At the lowest point, there is no excuse to fail, nothing else to lose and everything to gain.
You only fail if and when you give up, quit or do nothing.
Lamenting, complaining, blaming, making excuses, crying and wallowing in sorrow is worse than doing nothing.

Today is the day after yesterday – What are you doing to make today better than yesterday?
Tomorrow will come – What are you going to do to make it a better tomorrow than today.

After all, I have said it before …

Success comes to those
who work at it the hardest
and believe in it the longest.

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