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Taking A Long Break

I am tired. And I need a break. I also need time to regroup and reorganise. My health has taken a beating and I need to slow down. The demand for the tutorial has also slowed significantly. Thus, I don’t see the point in pressing on too hard while I should be using this time […]

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Weekend Food For Thought – Mar 24, 2012

DEFENSIVE TRADING – LESSON 5 Over the last four weeks, we’ve looked at some of the most effective ways to avoid getting our trades into unnecessary risks including ~ • how we position ourselves in the market in Lesson 1, • why losses are more important than profits in Lesson 2, • what we can […]

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Personal Thanks and Tribute to a Selfless Coach

Here’s another really nice testimonial. It’s one thing to get such nice words from a fresh student but to get it from a student that has already been trading for some time is another thing altogether and it means a lot to me. And it means even more when lessons in life are appreciated above […]

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It has been a long two months.

I have had two of the busiest months of my last five years and needless to say, I am knackered. I don’t know if I can remember everything that happened in the last 60 days but I’ll do my best to get everyone up to speed including what is going on in this rock-n-roll market. […]

Why I Teach What I Teach

Today was a day of mixed feelings as I received two very different emails from two very different individuals in two extremely different situations. The first email is from Nazarudin Jusoh who is from my 5th batch in Malaysia that graduated in July 2008. This mail, needless to say, lit up my day. Dear Conrad, After […]

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Congrats to WA 12!!

My heartiest Congratulations to all the Graduates of Wealth Academy Batch 12 of 2008! And as always, WA could not have been as fun as it was if not for this precious bunch of off-the-wall coaches! You guys and gals still rak me world!!

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One Massive Update!

Its been a fast, frenetic and eventful three months and yours truly has been up to his neck with travels and classes … not that I’m complaining, mind you … its a great problem to have.  So here’s a quick catch up on everything that’s happened … Topic 1 of 6: Another Great Gathering!   […]

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Congrats to WAI MY 01

My heartiest congratulations to the graduates of the inaugural Wealth Academy Investor (Malaysia batch 01)!! And as usual and specially, to all my traders/coaches who came back to help out to facilitate this event. Another batch wrapped up and another batch of new investors!! Rawk on and Happy Hunting!!

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Congrats to WA 09

Congratulations (albeit a belated one) to Wealth Academy Grads of Batch 09 from 28 Feb to 2 Mar 2008!! And as usual, my heartiest gratitude to all the people who really make the difference at WA … my coaches! But not as usual, this camp was a benchmark one as the Millionaire Challenge went computerized […]

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Wealth Academy Whoosh 08

Congratulations To Whoosh 08 of our Wealth Academy Camp 29 November to 2 December 2007 And many many thanks for the people who really make it happen and still continue to rawk my world – the coaches and staff without whom, Wealth Academy would be meaningless. I love you all! Best wishes to everyone in […]