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A Choice

~~~~~ To have lost and gained or To have gained and never lost ~~~~~ I asked this simple question on Facebook and got quite a few responses in a short time. The responses were varied and even creative. There were a couple that delved deep into the psychology of the poser. Other’s backed their choice […]

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Dear Conrad …

Here’s an email from one of my students which is typical of the kinds of emails and queries I frequently get … When it seems like there is no hope, when it seems like you will never get out of the shit you are in, when it feels like the end of world, when everything in […]

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Weekend Food For Thought – 23 Sep 2012

During my recent Candlestick & Breakout Patterns workshop in KL, I noticed by taking a poll, that hardly any one these days plays those strategic games of old such as “Risk” and “Battleship” or even “Monopoly”. No wonder so many of my students these days don’t know how to strategize, plan and manage their trades […]

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Weekend Food For Thought – 07 April, 2012

DEFENSIVE TRADING – EPILOGUE Trading and driving are alike in so many ways. And the way you drive betrays they way you will be trading. Rules of the road are set up for safety reasons just as we set up rules for ourselves when we trade. These rules keep us on the safe side of […]

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Weekend Food For Thought – Mar 24, 2012

DEFENSIVE TRADING – LESSON 5 Over the last four weeks, we’ve looked at some of the most effective ways to avoid getting our trades into unnecessary risks including ~ • how we position ourselves in the market in Lesson 1, • why losses are more important than profits in Lesson 2, • what we can […]

Weekend Food For Thought – Mar 16, 2012

DEFENSIVE TRADING – LESSON 4   Trade because you have a trade. Never trade because you have to trade. That simply means that if you don’t have anything to trade, don’t trade anything. It also means that you should only trade when there is an opportunity for a low risk trade. What it mostly means […]

Weekend Food For Thought – Mar 09, 2012

DEFENSIVE TRADING – LESSON 3 Never add more risk to higher risk. The first thing you will say when you read that is, “I know that.” But do you really know? So many people I have met know this but still don’t practice it. In fact, they do exactly the opposite. In 2008, 60 Billionaires […]

Weekend Food For Thought – Mar 03, 2012

DEFENSIVE TRADING – LESSON 2 The market will give you what it wants and it will take what it wants And that is why I don’t bother with profits and instead place my focus on losses. The market will give you whatever it feels like giving you. On a generous day, it’ll give you more […]

Weekend Food For Thought – Feb 24, 2012

People often ask me what I mean by “trading defensively“. That is a very simple question with a huge base of answers of which some are really common sense stuff that we do in our every day lives. So starting this weekend, I will be delivering a series of five lessons on what I do as […]

Weekend Food For Thought – 4 Feb 2011

I shared this on my Facebook page and got quite the reception. So I just thought I’d document it here on my blog too. Weekend Food For Thought; People always ask me how I did it; Referring to getting bankrupted, living broke for almost 7 years, working my butt off, changing careers at 42 years […]