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There has been a lot of talk about Inverted Yield Curves of which there are three types.

The most significant inversion is when the 10-year maturity yield falls below the 2-year maturity yield. This is as ridiculous as getting a better return on a 2 month fixed deposit than a 10 month fixed deposit at your bank. This is deemed as the ultimate flight-to-safety scenario born out of extreme fear for risk. 

The 2/10 inversion is a precursor to ECONOMIC recessions (NOT always MARKET crashes)6 months to a year in advance. All the major recessions in the last fifty years have been preceded by an inverted yield curve.

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Conventional research methods like Fundamental Analysis and Technical Indicators like the MACD, Moving Averages, RSI, etc, only show you what has happened or is happening now. They’re only good for risk analysis. They are NOT leading indicators and they certainly do NOT indicate what is going to happen.

Macroeconomic Indicators like yield curves, price-to-price spreads and data spreads do give you actionable opinions about the future that you can profit from.

That’s why the greatest traders and fund managers with names like George Soros, John Paulson and Paul Tudor Jones are Global Macro Traders.

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To find out more about Global Macro Trading, join Conrad for the PATTERN TRADER™ TUTORIAL INTRODUCTORY SESSION (SINGAPORE).


Date: 4th Sept 2019, Wednesday

Time: 07:00PM to 10:00PM

(Registration starts at 06:30PM)

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After 14 years of educating, mentoringand supportinghundreds of participants (annually) in the arts and sciences of Finance and Economics, the Pattern Trader™ Tutorialhas evolved to become the most exclusive and sought-after boutique-styled classthat caters to retail individuals, institutional professionals, businesses and families that are serious about their finances and their prospects as we move into the future.

The small class environment and tutorial-styled approach givesthe Tutorial a conducive environment that allows for close communication and interactionbetween the mentor and the participants.

The hands-on style makes the Tutorial very practicalfor anyone who requires a start from the ground up. It is the perfect beginningfor anyone who wishes to take that first step in improving their financial and economic literacy.

If you’re looking to make a huge difference in your financial life and get the most value for your education investment, there’s no better choice than the time-tested and well reputed Pattern Trader™ Tutorial.


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