Pattern Trader™ Tutorial Intro Session

Date: 20th Dec 2018, Thursday
Time: 07:00PM to 10:00PM
(Registration starts at 06:30PM)


For more than 13 years of educating, mentoring and supporting hundreds of participants (annually) in the arts and sciences of Finance and Economics, the Pattern Trader™ Tutorial has evolved to become the most sought-after boutique-styled class that caters to individuals, professionals and families that are serious about their finances and their prospects as we move into the future.

The small class environment and tutorial-styled approach gives the Tutorial a conducive enviroment that allows for close communication and interaction between the mentor and the participants.

The hands-on style makes the Tutorial very practical for anyone who requires a start from the ground up. It is the perfect beginning for anyone who wishes to take that first step in improving their financial and economic literacy.

This is what graduates have to say …

“Conrad has a way of teaching that makes it fun and easy to understand. Through his passionate and interactive teaching style, he has successfully set up a very conducive learning environment. The course is very comprehensive as it covers everything from the introduction to the stock market, to macroeconomics, fundamental analysis, right down to the individual stock and options trading strategies.

Not only that! He also covers psychological and financial management which is always taken for granted. A community platform is also created for all the students to post questions and share their learning journey.”

Ting See Hung


“The Pattern Trader Tutorial is very comprehensive as it covers everything from the bigger picture such as macroeconomics to individual trading strategies, right down to the art of writing a detailed trading plan that we can put into action

I really enjoyed Conrad’s extensive sharing of his life’s experiences. Many interesting concepts were taught in a way that is easy to understand. This program also includes well-thought out assignments that helps us reduce our learning curve.

Apart from the knowledge imparted, I have made friends with people sharing the same goals as me, which is beneficial to my learning journey and growth as a trader in the future. I am now more confident in pursuing my goal to be a competent trader.

All in all, I would say that the Pattern Trader Tutorial™ is definitely value for money.”

Jessica Ng


“I really enjoyed Conrad’s Pattern Trader Tutorial™ because not only did he share lots of trading techniques, but he also shared with the class the rich history, culture and stories behind many trading terms & jargon. In addition, Conrad also provided a lot of explanations to the reasoning behind his strategies and why he does certain things a certain way.

For the amount paid, It is value for money compared to the other courses I have attended, and I am glad that my friend introduced me to the Pattern Trader Tutorial™.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in trading.”

Kee Joo Yee


“Even though I am only 22 years old and have not attended courses in Economics in school before, I am still able to understand how the market works and the inter-relationship between the different components of the market and the economy.

Conrad is a very down-to-earth person who will answer all your queries. You will learn everything from macroeconomics to technical analysis, options, and equities, Conrad even posts up motivational posts on Facebook. After the tutorial, homework is given. All the content provided in the course is backed by valid real-world explanations.

Apart from being taught how to trade, we are also taught Financial Management and Psychological Management. Throughout the entire Tutorial, Conrad showed us real-life applications to the content taught in the Tutorial and guided us step-by-step.

Truly, the Pattern Trader Tutorial is really the most holistic syllabus you will find, and this is definitely the only Tutorial you will ever need to attend.”

Allison Yee


Make a huge difference in your financial life by considering the Pattern Trader™ Tutorial. Learn more about the Tutorial by coming to our three-hour Introductory Session on 20th December at 7pm. It will be the most educational preview you will ever attend.

Register for the Introductory Workshop NOW! Pattern Trader™ Introductory Session


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