Pattern Trader™ Tutorial Introductory Session


For more than 12 years of educating, mentoring and supporting hundreds of participants (annually) in the arts and sciences of Finance and Economics, the Pattern Trader™ Tutorial has evolved to become the most sought-after boutique-styled class that caters to individuals, professionals and families that are serious about their finances and their prospects as we move into the future.

The small class size and tutorial-styled approach gives the Tutorial a conducive environment that allows for close communication and interaction between the mentor and the participants.

The hands-on style makes the Tutorial very practical for anyone who requires a start from the ground up. It is the perfect beginning for anyone who wishes to take that first step in improving their financial and economic literacy.

“I have taken other financial and investment related courses before, but this course is so different from the others – it is so many notches above the other courses. This course, with Conrad the coach, genuinely aims to provide the specified education that the participants signed up for. The other course that I have attended are probably 20% teaching, 10% networking, and the rest redundant actions, sales talk and activities to fill up the whole session.

However, Conrad packed the participants with so much info, insights and advice giving us little space to breathe and relax. Every now and then during the course, I was hoping that this ‘crazy and super-on coach’ can take a longer smoke or toilet break so that participants can have a longer time to rest !!!

And the education does not stop there. I am grateful for the continuous education and support through the incessant updates of news, issues, video conferencing, and Conrad’s tutelege.

This course is not a shortcut to financial wealth – it however empowers, enriches and encourages the motivated participant to pursue on in this journey to seek knowledge, wisdom in trading and finance.

Conrad created the path and showed the road, the rest is up to the individual person how, and how much, he wishes to reach the goal.”

~ Yeo WP

If you’re looking to make a huge difference in your financial life, consider the Pattern Trader™ Tutorial.

If you want to know more about the Tutorial, come for our three-hour Introductory Session. It will be the most educational preview you will ever attend.

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Pattern Trader™ Introductory Session

OR  download our promo slides here:
The Pattern Trader™ Tutorial 2018


The schedule for the November 2018 batch is here:
Pattern Trader™ Tutorial – November 2018



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