Looking To Get Rich Quick?

I would like to share with you a simple fact that seems to have been missed by everyone who chase their dream of becoming successful;

Have you noticed that there are many movies and books about successful people and how they struggled, failed and struggled some more before eventually finding success … but there are no movies or books about people who became successful overnight or got rich quick?

So why do so many still chase that get-rich-quick dream when it obviously does not exist?

This is a reality of life – true, lasting success does not come easily and those who have it had to work for it. Nothing comes easy.

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In the movie, “In Pursuit Of Happyness”, Will Smith’s character, Chris Gardner struggled in life as a medical machine salesman looking for and dreaming of that “next big thing“. Cutting the story short, Gardner becomes a trader on Wall Street after a lot of reality checks, struggles, sacrifices, trials and failures. The sacrifices were not his own alone but that of his family and more famously, his son who kept his faith in his father’s pursuit for happiness.

We know today that he is a successful and well-known figure on Wall Street. It did not happen overnight. He did not get rich quick. He also certainly did not attend a three-day workshop to learn how to trade.

If there was one element missing from this rags-to-riches story, it would be how Gardner still had to continue to work his ass off as a trader before he made his first million. He had learnt what the professionals did and how they did it. It also took a lot of hard work, patience and practice.

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It is a well-documented fact that in the world of Trading, there is a small percentage of winners and a disparagingly disproportionate percentage of losers. It is also common to hear about many small time traders losing thousands of dollars to a few winners who make hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars.

The obvious truth is that there are a small number of traders making lots of money from a huge pool of traders losing their capital.

Why the imbalance and why is it so unfair?

In actuality, it is fair because those who are successful at it have done all it takes and more to get to that level. They are a dedicated and disciplined bunch of people who have the values that most people dislike; they are Patient, they Work Hard and they Practice their craft. It takes a very special person to have those qualities and to live out those values every day. It demands Discipline, Dedication and Determination that most people do not possess.

Most people would prefer to have easy money without having to work for it, wait for it or practice to get it. They lack the determination to learn how to do it. They are never dedicated enough to earn it and will not have the discipline to keep it.

This is typical of life. The few who are rich are those who have worked for it, experienced failures and earned it the hard way. The many who are poor, work for the rich to make them richer. The same can be said of the market. Those who learned it and earned it the hard way will always make losers of those who are ignorant and foolish enough to believe that the market is easy money.

The losers are the ones who believe that the market can get them rich quickly. They treat the market as if it is a system to be beaten. They also use the market to gamble their hard-earned money away. In short, they do not take the market seriously and do not respect the market as a serious, highly qualified and professional financial business.

If it were that easy, then why would Wall Street Traders need to go through years of university education and more years in mentorship before they become the best in the world?

If it were so easy, why do we keep hearing so much about so many people wiping out their accounts in the market instead of hearing more about those who have become enormously successful?

The success stories are far and few between but the woeful stories are plenty and common.


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