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PTT86 1st day

For more than 12 years, the Tutorial has evolved to become an all-encompassing, complete and holistic educational program in Finance and Economics.

It has been the starting ground for many novice retail traders and has groomed many an institutional trader, financial analysts, bunker traders, dealers, brokers, remisiers and financial graduates from all over the world.

More significantly, the Tutorial has outlived almost all its peers in continuously supporting and growing its graduates well into its second decade.

The belief is that financial education never ends and is always evolving. To stay the course and maintain this level of dedication takes a lot of Passion, Energy and Stamina, all of which the Pattern Trader™ has proven to have beyond any doubt.

The knowledge gained from the Tutorial will stand the graduate in good stead both online and offline.

Register for the next Preview to find out how a complete and holistic finance and economics education can benefit you in more ways than just trading and investing. It is everything you need to know to be smarter and wiser about your money.

While a lot of today’s traders depend heavily on technicals and fundamentals, the Macrotrader has always looked at Risk and Liquidity for their edge. Most technical indicators lag and are only able to tell you what has already happened while fundamentals only provide longer term assurance. Meanwhile, the biggest risk factor is ignored – economic risk.

Macrotraders turn risk into opportunities. They use simple financial management techniques to minimise their risks. They hedge. 

FCMY04 copyThis workshop will introduce you to the basic concepts of trading on macroeconomics and how Macrotraders like George Soros and John Paulsen are able to take up low risk positions for short to medium term profits in any direction.

Spend a mind-blowing session with Conrad Alvin Lim, Macrotrader, as he shares ideas on how traders like himself turn macroeconomics into trading and investing opportunities for the short term and long term. He will show you how to reduce your risk when timing the markets with clever methods, smart techniques and the intelligent use of economic indicators and macroeconomic data.

Register for the next Preview to find out why only the serious and realistic financiers have benefitted from this complete and holistic approach. It is for this reason that the Pattern Trader™ Tutorial has been the preferred choice amongst professional traders, remisiers and dealers for over ten years.


Tutorial Details: PTT93, Mar 02 to 04, 09 to 11, 2018

Date & Time:
13 Dec 2017, Wednesday,
07:00PM to 10:00PM (registration starts at 06:30PM)

51 Cuppage Road,
Acc EduHub #03-03,
Room Vibrant 3,
Singapore 229469 (behind The Centrepoint & next to The Holiday Inn Hotel)

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