Pattern Trader™ Introductory Session

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“I have tried so many trading strategies & they are all burning a big hole in my pocket! I’m so FRUSTRATED!”

If this sounds like you, you need to attend this 3-hour session by this veteran trader & teacher, Conrad Alvin Lim.

Trading is a BRUTAL business – people literally die in this business. And if you want to be a trader, you *must* be prepared to work hard and study it as a real business. Trading is a real business and you must first learn to trade well to be able to trade profitably, instead of relying on formulas and “plug & play” strategies.

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The Pattern Trader™ Tutorial’s mission has been to ensure that no one ever has go through those painful lessons that most novices have to endure. You must attend the Pattern Trader Introductory Session, to find out:-

When you know all these and more, you will be in better control of your finances and be a better trader.

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With more than 12 years in this business, more than 2000 traders have learnt to plan their trades the right way and find an approach that suits their personality & lifestyle.

“Conrad has more than 12 years’ experience in trading and investing. He has been very generous to share his vast knowledge and experience with his students. I got inspired by my friend’s (from the same cohort) trading results and was inspired to continue learning to improve my trading journey.” ~ Nelson Ho

Therefore, before you throw your hard-earned money away, you must listen to the Introductory Session to find out what you need to know to survive the financial markets.

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It promises to be an engaging & informative session with no gimmicks and no hard-selling! See you there!

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