Support Matters More Than Learning Fancy Tricks


As forward-looking professionals and working adults, we know that learning how to grow our money is very important in today’s economy.

Trading & investing is a popular choice to grow our money or even earn a second income and make lots of money.

We spend precious time reading up on trading and investment strategies on the internet and join workshops and seminars that promise their trading strategies will boost our wealth.

Then you’re left on your own to struggle in the deep end of the financial pool. You can’t get help or support. There are conditions to how much support you get. Your emails take forever to get answered. You find out that the real lessons come AFTER the learning and there’s no one there to help you gain that experience.

You need to learn the truth. You need to know the difference between the Seminar Business and the real Education Business. You shouldn’t miss our last session for the year.

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Many of us have been sold the dream that trading can make us a huge fortune, fire our bosses tomorrow, become financially free and all the usual fluff. That’s the way of the seminar business.

The Pattern Trader™ Tutorial is an education business who’s mission has been to ensure that no one ever has go through those painful lessons that most novices have to endure. You must attend the Pattern Trader Introductory Session, to find out:-

 Myths & Fallacies about Trading & Investing that are losing you money
The difference between Trading & Investing and why it matters
The Pyramid System of Financial Management – manage your risks the correct way
Why Technical Indicators don’t deliver – and why you shouldn’t rely on them
Why “black box” & auto-trading systems fail – and why you should learn to manage your own finances
What is a Macro-Trader – and why the best traders like George Soros are all Macro-Traders
Prophecies for the year 2017 to 2018
 Why your psychology matters more than anything else

When you know all these and more, you will be in better control of your money and be a better all-round financier.

With more than 12 years in this business, more than 2000 traders have learnt to plan their trades the right way and find an approach that suits their personality & lifestyle.

Desmond LoyBeing totally green and financially illiterate, Conrad really helped me understand the basics of finance and economics, financial psychology and how to respect the market. If anything at all, I really learn to respect the market and do my due diligence before making any trades which is very important for anyone new to this.

What drew me to put my faith in Conrad is his down-to-earth and genuine personality and attitude towards his students and lessons. His during-and-after support is also really fantastic and prompt. I could not have gotten a better coach than him.
” ~ Desmond

Therefore, before you throw your hard-earned money away, you must listen to the Introductory Session to find out what you need to know to survive the financial markets.

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for the 3-hour session!

This will be our last session for 2017. It promises to be an engaging & informative session with no gimmicks and no hard-selling! See you there!


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