June 2017 In Review, July Preview

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June was a weird month for me mostly because my household was missing one person who had gone off to serve his nation. It’s so strange not having him around and I do miss my gym and swim buddy.

Other than that, the Pattern Trader did its first independent Previews in Singapore (June 20th) and Penang (June 22nd).

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The turn out was encouraging and sustainable given that I intend to slow down the frequency of the Tutorials with this independence to focus on other things.

If you missed this session in Singapore, consider coming for the second Introductory Preview Session where you will get answers to all your queries regarding attending the tutorial. Register here: PATTERN TRADER INTRODUCTORY SESSION


PTT10thCoverThe Tutorial’s 10th Edition Notes were also completed in June to cap my finest work to date. The participants will also be getting a comprehensive “Gift Pack” of tools and support goodies to help them along with their homework and assignments complete with references and work samples.

There will be more than 50 hours of Tutorials. Thereafter, graduates of the Tutorial will be given four Post Graduate Assignments to manage. Those who need extra hands-on help can get it with our Post Graduate Tutelage,  (optional for an additional S$499.00) comprising four week-night sessions of small group coaching and tuition.

Along with the most efficient syllabus to date, the Pattern Trader Tutorial is now more complete and holistic than its ever been, boasting 40 solid chapters of the smartest methodologies and defensive financial techniques along with support that no other workshop can claim to have.

Time-tested and proven over the last decade, the Pattern Trader Tutorial and its support programs are destined to become the most exclusive financial education from hereon in. This is the most complete financial syllabus that you’re not going to find anywhere else and is NOT for those who are dreaming about becoming millionaires or attaining financial freedom because this is not a get-rich-quick program. Past graduates have testified that this is more complete than most MBA programs.

It is designed for those who wish to know everything about their finances and how economics can affect their money without attending a formal education. The Tutorial gives the participant the knowledge and skills required to begin or accelerate their financial journey in the money markets, online and offline. This is material you will never find in books or other workshops because those experiences only happen to the REAL MACROTRADERS who know how the market works, how the floor operates and how the institutions make it their killing field.

For a full run-down on the Tutorial and its support programs, please look here: The Complete Pattern Trader Tutorial

PTT 10th 2018Syllabus


Please consider coming for the Introductory Preview Session where you will get answers to all your queries regarding attending the tutorial. Register here: PATTERN TRADER INTRODUCTORY SESSION

Interested parties can write to me at support@patterntrader.com. (Naysayers, crabs, haters and competitors need not apply so save yourself the time and effort and go hate someone else please.)


Its been an odd month of June and I can’t say I have a lot to talk about as it was generally quite boring. Even the Paris Air Show was a non-event for the financial markets. But things are getting very interesting on the economic fronts of Singapore, the United States and even Malaysia. China, as usual, continues to provide the disruptive element to every economy in the region and is going to be a key factor for Asian direction in Q3.

July Preview

July is the start of quarter three and is the best month in the worst quarter of the year. Having said that, it is also the most volatile month of the trading year. The three months of Q3 are extremely varied with July reputed to be the most volatile, August being the most bearish in the last 26-plus years with no reliable patterns and September, known famously for having the lowest volumes of any month and the most bearish of the calendar year over the last 86-plus years.


July 2017 has 19 full trading sessions, one shortened session (Monday, 3 July) and one public holiday (Tuesday, 4 July). July is known for its volatility with huge swings either way. It is also the start of the third earnings season of the year when companies are known to pull back on their guidance and become conservative about their outlooks.

July Trivia

Key Economic Dates

Sun 02 July

Mon 03 July

Tue 04 July

Wed 05 July

Thu 06 July

Fri 07 July

Sat 08 July

Sun 09 July

Mon 10 July

Wed 12 July

Thu 13 July

Fri 14 July

Sun 16 July

Mon 17 July

Tue 18 July

Wed 19 July

Thu 20 July

Fri 21 July

Mon 24 July

Tue 25 July

Wed 26 July

Thu 27 July

Fri 28 July

Sun 30 July

Mon 31 July



Now we go into the worst three months of the trading year with a market that’s grossly overbought, commodities that stay stubbornly under-valued and bond yields that are hugely under par. Its going to be an interesting quarter especially if my three-year outlook (from mid-2014) is to remain on track with a major correction expected in September/October.

I am personally excited that my career takes on a new path of independence to allow me to do more of what I love and to venture into new areas of businesses. It has been stressful for the last couple of months but its a good stress that I wouldn’t give up for anything less.

Stay keen, stay alert and stay safe!

Happy Hunting Always!!


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