PTT86 1st day

In response to the many queries regarding the Pattern Trader Tutorial’s upcoming batch in August, we have arrange to have a Preview Session to satisfy everyone who wrote in;

Date: Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Time: 07:00pm to 10:00pm (registration starts at 06:30PM)
51 Cuppage Road,
Acc EduHub #03-03

Vibrant Room 3
Singapore 229469
(behind The Centrepoint & next to The Holiday Inn Hotel)

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 9.23.23 AM

This will be our very first preview outside of our former representative event company. Thus, we will be making a very special offer on the night for the first 10 sign ups at a one-time low price to kick start our independence.

You can book your free complimentary HERE: INTRODUCTORY SESSION TO MACROTRADING

During this session, you will find out the following:
  • The difference between trading and investing that many don’t consider as risk.
  • Discover how you can trade various markets and instruments like Equities/Stocks, Currencies, Futures, Commodities, Options and Bonds.
  • Discover the fundamental know-how and skill sets you require to trade profitably on a consistent basis.
  • Get a glimpse of how professional traders use a 400-year-old technique to make highly reliable and low-risk trades.
  • Reliable trading strategies that best suit your psychology, lifestyle and needs.
  • How your own Trading Psychology can give you a winning edge or a losing habit.
  • Master the Trading Psychology that can help you to ride out the market’s irrationality and manipulations.
  • Proper Financial Management habits that can help to increase and improve your winning edge.

PLUS!! Be amongst the first to be introduced to the LATEST PATTERN TRADER™ TUTORIAL EDITION 10 SYLLABUS

This is the most complete financial syllabus that you’re not going to find anywhere else because this is a very unique and exclusive program. It is not for those who are dreaming about becoming millionaires or attaining financial freedom because this is not a bullshit program. Past graduates have testified that this is more complete than most MBA programs. It is designed for those who wish to know everything about their finances and how economics can affect their money without attending a formal education.

The Tutorial gives the participant the knowledge and skills required to begin or accelerate their financial journey in the money markets online and offline. This is material you will never find in books or other workshops because those experiences only happen to the REAL MACROTRADERS who know how the market works, how the floor operates and how the institutions make it their killing field.


SINGAPORE – PTT91, August 18 to 20, 25 to 27, 2017

This Bootcamp will be held over 6 sessions over two weekends (50 hours) including the Platform Familiarization Workshop.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 7.13.18 PM

For Tutorial details, go here: PTT91 in Singapore

The incoming queries have been encouraging to say the least and I’d like to thank all those who made recommendations to their friends and families to attend the Tutorial.


Happy Hunting!!


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