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January 2016 In Review, February Preview

January 2016 has been a painful month for me. It started out with a massive gout attack on my right ankle (as a result of a sprain) that noticeably left my right leg smaller than my left. My weight dropped from 64.5KG to 63kg in that time and my right leg definitely lost a lot of […]


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Keeping Your Money Safe

With the world on the brink of a recession, many financial institutions are going to find it tough to maintain a lot of their over-leveraged products as liquidity dries up. In many instances past, when the money flow slows, many of these products turn toxic. The man in the street is now looking for safe […]


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Recessions Are No More … ?

REDUNDANT STATISTICS The measure of two negative contractions to gauge a Recession is no longer viable as governments intervene with stimulus, central banks pump unlimited amounts of paper liquidity into the markets and economy while agencies manipulate economic numbers to avoid mass hysteria. The employment rate is also a poor measure of a Recession as recent […]


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December 2015 In Review, January 2016 Preview

Yup … just like that and another year is gone. And what a year it was too. Fengshui and Numerology Masters warned us of a very disruptive year in 2015 that would be fraught with trouble, unrest, instability and renewal (change). We got lots of that all over the world and in the markets. A […]