March 2015 In Review, April Preview

Busy, busy, busy … and when you couldn’t get busier, the Nation loses an icon and we have more to do albeit with a heavy heart.

On Tuesday 10 March, PTT76 completed their Tutorial after seven weeks.


On Friday 20, Malaysia got its first Gathering at our new training centre in Solaris Mont Kiara.

Then for the first time of my public speaking career, I was invited to give a talk about Success and Motivation at the SMART Investment and International Property Expo 2015 at Marina Bay Sands.



We went back to LifeLong Learning Institute on Sunday 29 for the Candlestick & Breakout Patterns Workshop.


More than 60 pax attended this session is it was a blast. We were even visited by Red Bull who handed out complimentary cans of the energy drink, not that we needed more energy – the Candlesticks workshop is always high in energy anyway … it always is because its my favourite workshop. But we were grateful for the refreshing break.


Without doubt, the biggest event for any Singaporean in March 2015 was the passing of our country’s first Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew at age 91 on Monday 23rd March on our 50th year of independence.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.18.02 am

What followed was a very testing week and an emotionally draining time for the nation. He was finally put to rest on Sunday 29 March when even Mother Nature wept heavily at his departure.


As we close a chapter on this Island’s first 50 years of nation building that Mr Lee started and worked so hard to achieve, its now up to us to ensure we don’t screw up everything he made so good for us to inherit.

Thank you, Sir, for the legacy you have entrusted us to keep dear.

Rest well and peacefully, now and forever.


So AAPL finally gets into the Dow Jones Industrial Average. I suspect things are going to get real volatile now. Q1 has been a roller coaster for the US market, spending almost as much time in the red as in the black.


For the record;

March 2015 became the month the Fed “lost its patience” and made stronger implications of raising interest rates by mid 2015. The US economy also began revealing cracks in their “recovery” and began admitting that revenues haven’t been that stellar. Going into April 2015’s earning season, we’re getting shots fired across our bow screaming out profit warnings. Of the 500 S&P500 companies providing first-quarter outlooks, 84% have been negative.

Report from MarketWatch: Profit Warnings Piling Up

As of the close of 31 March 2015, 380 of the S&P500 companies wore PEs above 15 which means that 76% of the S&P500 is overbought.

The Dollar Index broke above 100 to set a multi-year high while Crude, Nat Gas, Gold and Copper wallowed at multi-year lows but looking likely to be breaking out of those lows in recent sessions.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.17.47 pm

Dollar, Crude, Nat Gas, Gold, Silver, Copper

Things are getting freakier in the markets and increasingly difficult to trade. Volatility is unusually high and volumes haven’t been encouraging. Caution is still the watch-word for now and I will be keeping my money in commodities more than any other security as we go into Q2.

April Preview

April has been the most bullish month of the calendar year with an average gain of 1.9% since 1950. The last nine years were up, including 2008, with an average gain of 3.1%. April is the first month ever to have seen a 1000 point gain on the DOW in 1999.

This April 2015 has 21 trading days and one public holiday. It is the start of Quarter 2 and the beginning of Earnings Season for Q1 results. April is also the last of the “Best Six Months” on the DOW and S&P500.

April Trivia



So we lay to rest the Man who made Singapore happen and now venture into a future he left for us to make our own.

Let’s pray and hope we don’t waste it all away by being selfish, complacent and ignorant. If the first 50 years under LKY brought us here, let’s make sure the next 50 takes us to a higher high and not regress and destroy all that he worked for.


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