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November 2014 Review, December Preview

What a month! November 2014 was the month of birthdays for my daughter, my mother and myself. It was also the month Lucy and I reached 22 years of marriage to each other. But it was also a damn busy month that left us no time for big celebrations. I celebrated my half-century of life […]


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Capitalism Simplified

This is one of the best ways to describe the various capitalistic ways economies are run. Scroll down below to see my take on Singapore’s version … SINGAPORE CAPITALISM You have two cows. You were taxed on both cows when you bought them, also paid a certificate of entitlement that allows you to own the […]


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October 2014 Review, November Preview

It has been a very testing month for me on the personal and teaching fronts while the market has been very challenging, as Octobers usually are. AKLTG went through a restructuring exercise and gave up the training centre. This means, for the rest of the year, Pattern Traders have no “home” and will be using […]