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October 2013 Review, November Preview

It has been a busy month but not much to write about. I am in the final stages of finishing up my fourth book which will be titled; “Secret Psychology of Pattern Traders The Success Secrets Of Trading For An Income” I know, I know, its gimmicky but I had to consider the marketing standpoint […]


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Monthly Sector Report

Retail – Home, Discounts & Broadline This report continues from last month’s picks for my year-end portfolio that usually holds good till the end of Quarter One. It is one of the more reliable seasons of the trading year and has returned a profit almost as regularly as my favorite seasonal trade, Tobacco. I am […]


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Two Must-Watch Videos

I feel a little robbed having done this for the last three years as a live presentation. But this is a brilliantly done movie version of my History of Money, Debt, Monetary Policy and Interest. This tells you exactly how our monetary system works, how debt keeps out economies going and how central banks, governments […]


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September In Review, October 2013 Preview

Once again, I’ve come into that time of the year where things get impossible for me to handle. This year is more exceptional than others. The 7th Edition Tutorial Notes got its annual update with the latest models and additional information for two chapters. The 380 page manual went into its final phase of design […]