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August In Review, September 2013 Preview

No graduations, no major events, just the usual weekly classes, gatherings and whole lot of busy to make my August fly by like it only started yesterday. On the 16th Singapore got its August Gathering in which I brought back an old familiar trading technique, the 5DPEG – the technique that made me famous for […]


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Solar Power 2013

As technology improves, companies in the Solar Power industry are now progressing in leaps and bounds and also moving into industries of the future such as glass and mobile comms. This is going to be a very exciting industry in the years to come as I am expecting the various forms of new technology to […]


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What's Next?

In 2006 and 2007, in my early days of teaching, I shared with my students what I thought would be the next technological breakthrough that would spur the economy to its next high. You must remember that this was a time when smartphones were limited to Blackberry 8703e, Palm Treo, T-Mobile Dash and Sony Ericsson […]


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July 2013 Review, August Preview

Besides the rocking and rolling in the market, my health also took a helluva beating in July. First it was stress, then my back gave me tension problems. Before I could recover from that, I got the flu. And before I could recover from that, I got some strange bug that’s making me cough and […]