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Truckers 2013

The previous time we featured any stocks from this month’s report was back in August 2011. More than half those stocks climbed an average 30% to 40% within those two years and have since retraced to give us another shot at this industry. Please be informed that this report is not about what to Buy (long). […]


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Monthly Sector Report – Aerospace & Defense 2013

THE 50TH INTERNATIONAL PARIS AIR SHOW (17 to 23 June) ended two weeks  ago and as expected, a flood of orders and a lot of corporate posturing dominated the headlines. Now, after the dust has cleared, this report sifts through the aftermath to find medium term opportunities amongst some of the more prominent players in […]


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June 2013 Review, July Preview

Just like that, half the year is over. But boy did it finish with a flourish! DOW managed 14 consecutive triple digit sessions (and it isn’t over yet), the kind of volatility usually exclusive to earning season. Now that is worrying considering that we haven’t even started July’s earnings season which is reputed to be […]