A Choice


To have lost and gained
To have gained and never lost


I asked this simple question on Facebook and got quite a few responses in a short time. The responses were varied and even creative. There were a couple that delved deep into the psychology of the poser. Other’s backed their choice with philosophy.

Whichever way you look at that query (except with regard to personal weight), there really is no right or wrong about it.

If you want to test yourself, go ahead and choose … To have lost and gained or To have gained and never lost … how will you live your life?

I’ll let you mull over that for a bit. Once you’re done, scroll down and find out what this is all about and you might discover something about yourself …




. Have you considered your Choice?




Here are some of my favorite responses …

And this one came closest …

Before I go on, I must say that I am grateful that so money participated and dared to post their replies. To them I say “Thank you” for helping me with this lesson.

Some of the respondents, without realizing it, answered the call by betraying their true level of greed and/or humility. There is no right or wrong to this. It’s all a matter of greed for ego, face and pride versus humility. In other words, there are many ways to do things to gain ego, face and pride while there is only one way to gain humility.

One must have gained in order to have some ego, face and pride. Then you have to keep gaining and do whatever it takes to keep gaining more to keep that growing ego, face and pride. Some resort to evil and illegal means to retain those gains and gain more when their ego, face and pride get threatened.

Then when all is inevitably lost, most fade into oblivion knowing that they have also lost their ego, face and pride and will be ashamed to face the public again. More, they would have lost their will to fight, their self esteem and their motivation.

Few, and only a few will have what it takes to rise from the ashes. It is these few who will understand that to gain something of real measure, one must have lost. The process is known as a Humbling Experience.

To get humility, you only need to lose everything to appreciate what you’ve lost. You only treasure what you don’t have after you’ve lost it.

Losing is not failure. Failure is only complete after one has quit, given up, resigned or simply moved on without resolving the loss.

It takes a humble person to know that failure is only a new beginning. It is this humility that breeds that fighting spirit, that keeps the motivational engine running and builds the self esteem.

It is the humble person who is never afraid to lose knowing that there is more to gain after a loss.

It is the proud fool who never wants to lose without ever knowing how much more he could have gained.

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