April 2013 Review, May Preview


After six and a half years at Keppel Towers, The Pattern Trader Tutorial (WAT) is leaving this old “home” and headed for new premises. We leave behind many experiences and take with us only the memories of this place that has been home to AKLTG for almost ten years.

In December 2006, The Pattern Trader Tutorial ran at AKLTG at Keppel Towers for the first time as WAITS. In January 2007, it became known as the Wealth Academy Trader (WAT). The first two batches of the tutorial was run in the storeroom of the main training center and it was there that I met two of the most precious friends that I still hold dear till today, Alicia and Henry.

And they became part of the very first team of coaches and helpers including Lawrence and Melvyn (who runs all my websites today).

I had my very first best-seller published and launched there.

The Secret of Millionaire Investors was released in May 2007 and it shot up to #1 by June that year and stayed there for 13 weeks.

I even had my first magazine interview here with an appropriate picture to boot …

Adam and I ran our 5th batch of WA in Keppel Towers for the first time in July 2007 (previous batches were run at Expo).

By August 2012, after more than 50 batches of WA with more than 5,000 graduates, I taught my last batch of Investors (pic below).

Needless to say, the many many Coaches and I have a lot of memories of the place …

Of the many Gatherings and Tutorials that WAT hosted at Keppel Towers, past Graduates will remember historical moments that we witnessed “live” such as;

We also traded through the second worst Bear Market in stock market history in 2008, we saw the demise of two of the oldest institutions in the world in Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, we witnessed the collapse of the European economy, survived the destruction of MF Global, saw Obama take office twice, lived through the deaths of Osama, Saddam and Gaddafi, watch in horror in 2011 as Japan suffered the double jeopardy of a 9.03 magnitude earthquake (the fifth most powerful on record since 1900) that was followed by Tsunami that took 15,883 lives, … the list goes on and on …

We also cherish the moments we shared with friends from the other side of the planet such as David Caploe (below, left), Ron Ianieri (below, center), Richard Martin, John Person, the late David Elliot and local friends like G.M Teoh (below, right) and Michael Wu.

And to the many staff members who came and went through the years including Wandy, Pearlyn and Daniel (below, left – left to right) and Angela and Terence (below, right – left and right) …

… and many others including Aaron (who married Pearlyn), Annie (below, left – who is engaged to Yi Chuan, one of my coaches), Kristie (below – 2nd from left, who will be marrying Daniel), Shi Jun ((below, right) Ser Yew, Shermin and Shidiq who are still with us today.

I still can’t get over the fact that Pearlyn and Angie are mothers today! Happy Mother’s Day to both of you!!

April 2013 saw the last two batches of WAT completed at Keppel Towers with the graduations of batches 64 and 65. Between those graduations was WATMY22 in K.L.

WAT64 – Tuesday 09 April, 2013

WATMY22 – 12 to 15 April, 2013 (K.L.)

WAT65 – Friday 19 April, 2013

And having closed out the very last session at AKLTG in Keppel Towers on Tuesday 23 April, 2013, we, the Trainers and Coaches and Friends of WAT took a commemorative shot before bidding adieu to our old home.

Now we move on and leave the memories behind.

Goodbye, TR5 … it has been a blast and it was great while it lasted!

Now bring on the NEW PLACE!! We’re moving here …

See you all at the new facilities which promises to be better, cooler and state-of-the-art!!


Like last year, April this year was a similar rock-and-roll story that broke the once reliable statistic that April is the most bullish month of the year. What a wild ride it was. And none more so than in the commodity space.

April 2013 saw one of the worst price capitulations on gold futures including its biggest single-day plunge in 30 years. On April 15, gold fell by more than 9% to $1,361/ounce, its most spectacular drop since 1983. In two days, the metal had lost a total of 13% and dropped to its lowest level in more than two years.

Silver was also beaten down in the same period and dropped below $26 for the first time since November 2012. It was the worst 2-day price drop on Silver since September 2011.  In that same week in contrarian fashion, Natural Gas  broke above $4 for the first time since September 2011.

DOW closed out April with a gain for its fifth consecutive month. S&P500 broke a new historical high while NASDAQ make a new multi-year high on the last day of the month. But what a month it was …

For almost the whole month, Defensive sectors such as Staples, Utilities, Healthcare and telcos dominated the leader-board with only a handful of session led by a mixed bag of Financials and Tech.

Bond yields fell to their lowest levels of the year while the VIX is flat-lining along 13.50, looking like its ready to launch upward from that support level. Earnings haven’t been all that impressive with some big names selling down such as MMM, AMZN, GE, IBM and CAT, to name a few. Revenues have been largely disappointing with more than half the S&P companies (that have already reported) missing expectations.

Although this year’s market performance in April was better than last year’s, the economic circumstances are not. With growth contracting everywhere in the world, the U.S. managed to pull out a surprising and blatantly manipulated number to avoid another contraction.

This was the second worst April volumes in more than two decades – last year was the worst – and considering the worsening economic front YonY, why should we be higher on volumes than last year which was not as bad?

Here’s one last take-away for all you Wave practitioners …

That’s right. You’re looking at the end of three Wave 5s. Enough said.


May 2013 has 22 trading sessions and one public holiday. May is infamous for having the year’s most fearsome correct. Some Mays in years past (also in 2012) are known to have wiped out the whole year’s gain in a single month. May starts well but almost immediately goes into one of the most bearish weeks on the trading calendar.

May Trivia



Now for the month of May, famous for selling off. Traders will remember how May wiped out four months of gains last year even after the “experts” claimed that the Sell-In-May prophecy wouldn’t work in an election year. This year, those “experts” are keeping strangely quiet about making such claims again.

I suspect we’re in for another sell-off and May will keep its proud tradition which seldom fails to deliver. The last time it didn’t deliver was 2007 … and look what happened the following year. I don’t think we’re going fall off a cliff next year therefore we should sell-off this May – it will only be healthy if we did.

To all the Mothers reading this, I wanna wish you all Happy Mother’s Day in advance and praise all of you for doing a great job!



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