Pattern Trader Monthly Sector Report – March 2012

The Oil Equipment & Services Industry – March 2012

It has been almost three years since we last featured this industry and now is an appropriate time to resurrect some interest in this vast and hugely profitable business that only seems to get bigger, better and more advanced as time goes by – the Oil Equipment & Services Industry.

Oil is the one commodity whose price will keep rising in time. This is a simple fact based on a dwindling supply and en ever growing demand for the black stuff.

Regardless of all the talk of green and renewable energy, oil will be the backbone of energy for the next couple of generations at least. For now, it still takes oil money to create green energy and as long as that prevails, green and renewable energy will never be self sustainable businesses, let alone profitable businesses. The day green energy companies see healthy profit is the day I ask how much of their expenses were on fossil fuel reliance. When the answer is finally $0, then only will I consider green energy as a serious threat to fossil fuels’ massive profitability.

We know where the bulk of the monies from oil consumption come from. But where does it go?

The answer is in this report – the Oil Equipment and Services Industry. These are the companies that look for, drill, harvest, process, refine and ship the stuff. This is where the bulk of oil money is spent. This is where the meat is.

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