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A Case For The Bears & A Cause For The Bulls

This is it. In 2007 I said it was going to happen soon. Again in early 2008 I reiterated it and I even mentioned a date – late 2011 to mid 2012. Then in 2009 and 2010 I reminded everyone about it. And now that we’re at the end of 2011, I’ll say it one […]


Novice Versus Seasoned – Part 2

Here’s the second part to “Novice Vs Seasoned” taken from my upcoming book. The young and impressionable shopper doesn’t give much, if any, consideration to market timing and will buy on impulse without thinking of the long-term consequences. In short, they buy for the “now”. The old and wise shopper is particular about the timing […]


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Ten Truths About On-Line Trading

This is another extract from my upcoming book. It is part of the opening chapter and I thought it would be worth sharing it here first. This is a condensed version as each topic actually takes up several pages in detail. I hope to shed some light about what trading is REALLY about and not […]


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Novice Versus Seasoned – Part 1

This is an extract from my next book on Trading Psychology which I shared with Batches 53 and 54 this morning in an email in reference to GRPN’s IPO launch and why seasoned traders tend to stay away from such events. In life, we have two kinds of shoppers – the young and impressionable shopper […]


Macros, Technicals or Gut Feel?

Am I the only person who notices that things aren’t as rosy as the market is making it out to be? And I am not just talking about stocks and commodities – I am talking about everything. It is extremely obvious at this time that events around the world now do not support any sort […]


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October 2011 In Review, November Preview

OCTOBER 2011 IN REVIEW Mayhem. That’s what my schedule in October 2011 will be remembered for. Poor Queenie and Annie were scrambling to fix my topsy-turvy schedule after my September surgery put everything on hold for three weeks. As expected, I went on a marathon talking spree to catch up on all the postponements and […]