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Is This The Real Deal?

Or is it another Bull Trap / False Break-Out / Dead Cat Bounce / Rally-in-a-downtrend / Bear Rally … With the benchmarks breaking out of their respective downside flags, this could be another serious spike for new highs. The only problem will be the volumes that get weaker with each up tick. Also, DOW seldom […]


Three Years On …

I started a forum on trading around mid 2005 at That forum became a wealth of information and my personal archive. Upon teaching at AKLTG, the forum was migrated to towards the end of 2007 to facilitate the growing number of members as well as the Investors from Wealth Academy (WA) and later on, […]


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September 2011 In Review, October Preview

SEPTEMBER 2011 IN REVIEW The main event for me in September was my three-in-one colorectal surgery to remove a fistula, piles and hemorrhoid on Friday 02 September. I was then laid up at home for two solid weeks, unable to move much or do much else except pound out the day-by-day experience on Facebook. The […]