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Michael Kahn vs Daryl Guppy

This could turn out to be a great lesson in technical analysis for one and egg in the face for the other. Both technicians wrote a report each on 6 September 2011 in which they analyzed the Dow Jones Industrial Average. On, Guppy is rooting for Dow to get up to 12,400 while on […]


The Shit Is Damn Near The Fan

We’ve been hearing all about the possibility of a Double Dip Recession and all the rhetoric about what governments are doing to navigate their way to a soft landing. Now how about the truth … how about acknowledging that most countries are already in Recession and that we’re only a few steps away from Depression. […]


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The Monthly Sector Report

For those not in the know, I have been publishing a Monthly Sector Report for the last two and a half years. The report features one particular sector or industry every month with break-downs of individual stocks and ETFs relative to the sector. Occasionally, there is even a surprise BONUS! ticker to boot. If you […]


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August 2011 in Review, September Preview

If this year is threatening to go into recession next year, don’t expect miracles from the market in the coming months. Given the economic and political state of most of the leading economies in the world now, there is little to cheer about with all six of the top six economies complaining about uncontrollable bleeding of […]