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February Review, March Preview

Boy, that was a short month! To make it shorter for me, I was busy as hell running all over the region almost every weekend. Sometimes, it was twice a week too. It was also a really active month of trading for me. I managed to get in more trades in February 2011 than any […]


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Valentine’s Day Trivia

To all the traders (U.S. Market) out there … Here’s an interesting self-discovered statistic you might find interesting … Feb 14, 1995 = Up … 1995 = Up Feb 14, 1996 = Down … 1996 = Up *Failure* Feb 14, 1997 = Down … 1997 = Up *Failure* Feb 14, 1998 = Weekend … 1998 = Up Feb 14, 1999 = Weekend … 1999 […]


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Tanking! Are We There Yet?

With money running out of Asia as evidenced in the major downside this week, I suspect that all this money is finding its way back to the U.S. And if I am right, we’re going to see more of the kind of action we experienced on Thursday as the U.S. indices fought their way back […]


Property Market – An Update On My View

I’ve been getting a few queries from my students and emails about my view on the property market. The more curious ones ventured to ask why I haven’t bought another property since I first mentioned it back in 2008. Others were more straight forward in asking me where the property market will go and when […]


Inflation – The Shit Hits The Fan

Yup … the shit has hit the fan. And it will get worse before we see the light at the end of this inflationary tunnel … It was October last year that I made several posts in this blog about rising costs, inflation and the rising CPI. On December 11, 2010, I wrote “Singapore Beware” […]


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2011 January Barometer Report Card

Monday 31 January, 2011 AMC DOW JONES INDUS. AVG (INDU:IND) : 11670.90 – 11,891.93  Up The DOW had the best January close in 14 years since 1997 suggesting that 2011 could well finish to the upside. But before we go all ga-ga about this, consider the closes of the rest of the major markets and […]