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January Review, February Preview

It was a rather ordinary January that seemed to drag on forever. Not much in terms of graduations to talk about but still very busy with one gathering in each Malaysian location (K.L. and Penang) and Jakarta which burned three weekends plus a Candlestick/Breakout Patterns workshop in Singapore which took out the only other weekend. […]


Interesting Take On Singapore And Japan

Simon Black is an extremely well-traveled international entrepreneur and investor and runs his own blog: In his latest posting, he highlights Singapore’s visionary purpose of attracting foreigners to relocate to our Little Red Dot while comparing Japan’s lack of vision in a similar situation that could have very diverse long-term ramifications. Here is the […]


A 120 Year Old Pattern That’s Still Alive And Well Today

In the Feb/Mar 2010 INVEST Magazine article on “Surviving 2010”, I wrote; 2010 is widely tipped to be a choppy and range bound year and it is the opinion of this writer that this analysis will not be far off the mark by year’s end. Now, at the end of January 2010, 10 months after […]


Inflation – The Tip Of The Iceberg

Don’t bother to click the ST link. Go buy a copy of the Straits Times – it’s the headline news. And there is a lot more inside on A6. In my December 31, 2010 posting, I specifically wrote: Everywhere, inflation is becoming a worry as almost all commodity prices have broken record highs … These […]


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Credit Card Spending Is Out Of Control

In a confirmed newspaper headline report, Credit Card debt is definitely out of control and could ruin many a card(s) holder here. Based on the latest preliminary figures from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the number of main cards crossed the six million mark in October and hit 6.079 million in November. Including supplementary […]


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Why I Don’t Trade Gold

It apparently surprises a lot of people that I prefer not to trade gold or gold related securities in spite of it’s amazingly profitable run in 2010. I also get a lot of queries on the shiny metal as to how high it would go or if it’s too late to trade it now or […]