March 2010 In Review, April Preview


As expected, March was once again as busy as it has been for the last three years. It was also the longest trading month I have ever experienced – 23 trading days in all. And it was a profitable month in spite of all the volatility amidst some of the narrowest ranges we’ve seen in a while. What I will remember about this March 2010 is that I found a balance between my time trading, with time with the family and still managing time to travel, teach and talk. But it must be said that it helps to have a productive team behind you and reliable supportive coaches to pick up your slack. To them I say a heartfelt “thank you“.

On Wednesday 3 March, Batch 36 in Singapore Graduated from the Pattern Trader Tutorial (WAT).

They were the first batch of 2010 and the first to receive the 28 Chapter, 8 Night version of the newly revised tutorial. This batch also saw the inauguration of my newest bunch of coaches; Diana, Roy, Gabriel and Leon to add to the already established batch of Henry, AT, Lawrence and the occasional Ruben. Thanks fellas … you make the tutorial special for me.


The ATIC Asia Trader & Investor Convention was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur City Centre on the 20 and 21 March weekend,

My spot was on Sunday 21 March at 4:45pm in the NextVIEW room.

<< The room was so packed, the crows took drastic measures to get an ear in!


28 March saw Wealth Academy graduate its 21st cohort of newly minted Investors.

Not as usual, the Coaches that came back were more motivated than ever and it was really good to see so many of the “older” and more senior coaches back and as dedicated as never before. You fellas really RAWK!

And that was one helluva long March. It felt like it would never end!



And now, on to April. If March was any indication of how busy I will be, then April is what March was implying! There will be another WA (in JKT), two public talks in KL,a Candlestick Workshop in SG and a TA Masterclass also in KL. Here are my highlight events for April 2010;

Friday 2  to Sunday 4 April – Technical Analysis Masterclass in KL


Saturday 3 April – ShareInvestor in KL


Saturday 10 April – Candlestick Workshop in SG


Friday 16 to Monday 19 April – Wealth Academy in JKT


Sunday 25 April – “Crash” Course with G.M. Teoh & me at CIMB in KL


Friday 30 April to Monday 3  May – Pattern Trader Tutorial (WAT) in K.L.

And those are just the weekends, mind you. April is jammed PACKED!



April is one of my most favorite months in the trading year obviously because it is the most bullish month of any year. Here are some of the statistics that come in April:

April also starts the second quarter of the year and the 2nd Earnings Season for the year. Volatility during this period usually reaches record levels for the year.

The market has been rather overcooked on very low volumes towards the end of March. This is not a good sign. If April does rally, volume have to pick up if the rally is to be reliable and sustainable. Further dips in volumes through April will see a major tanker in May 2010. This will be no ordinary tanker.


So let’s go! Bring on April and let’s get busy! (I must be losing it …) After all, busy is better than not at all.

And this old man has still got a lot to give.

Happy Hunting to all!


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very very very helpful for beginners to know if the future predictions are bullish or bearish. you are a teacher who is very very simple. I do not speak English well but from you I learn the science of what is taught. I attended your candlestick
patterns and breakout paterrns.

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