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Why Traders Fail – Lesson 2

Now we look at a controversial reason why most traders fail – The Attitude It starts right at the start where most newcomers think that the market can be a get-rich-quick plan. This is akin to thinking that the market is like a casino. Consider this fact – the house ALWAYS wins. So if you treat […]


Why Traders Fail – Lesson 1

This is the first of a series of mini-lessons on why so many traders fail. These mini-lessons aim to pinpoint some of the common (but not so obvious) mistakes they make and how some of the most common-sense practices go out the window the moment they start trading. In Lesson 1, we look at where […]


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Even More Viewing Education

Economy recovering? Housing bottomed? Not really if you watch the following videos … there is still much so worry about. The first video for this post is a fact-by-numbers housing report which doesn’t look at all like green shoots, let alone withering lallang … This is the future of the Dollar … And this amazing […]