December In Review

I know its a little early but I won’t be around at the end of the year to do this so better now than later.

December 2009 ended a three month marathon of classes, events and workshops that started towards the end of September. In the period between 6 November and 18 December, I never saw a weekend off and only got three non-consecutive days off – it has been the busiest two months I have ever had since I started teaching. What made it all the more exhausting was the weekly travelling and non-stop talking on an almost daily basis … I really wonder how Adam does this for a living.

On the trading front, it has been a profitable October and November which culminated in a lot of profit taking in December. Even the Singapore market has been a profitable venture with no losses and straight wins.

2009 has been a strange year … it started out on such an ominous note and made everyone flutter in fear only to end on a positive high, albeit with a tad of doubt about the health of the global economy. Quiet jitters still prevail in the market as renewed talk of the Double Dip emerges. Markets are looking overbought in some camps and still hold great value in other camps – which will you believe? The dollar is still weak and monetary rates are expected to stay low. Bonds are implying that the market is a good buy while gold and oil retreat from their highs. GDP again comes out tops but how much of it this time is based on stimulus monies?

So many stats, more queries, plenty of opinions and still the market plods on to new highs unabated.

The year that started with a bearish Barometer and down December Low, that didn’t sell off in May or October, when Black Friday stayed red till Cyber Monday is going to end with a steep yield curve and a Santa’s Rally that looks promising.

I wonder that 2010 is going to do ….


On 4 December, I went up to K.L. for the Malaysian gathering and followed that up by graduating WATMY09 on Monday 7 December 2009. I was so tired and worn out that I forgot to take a picture of that group. Sorry guys … if anyone has pictures of the class, you can send them to me so that I can post it here so that we don’t leave it to memory.

The following weekend, I went to Jakarta for WATJKT07 which graduated on 14 December


Then on 16 December, Singapore got its 35th Batch of WAT Graduates – the biggest class to date and a class size so big that I won’t do it again!


And finally, to cap off a busy quarter and a hectic year, on 18 December, at Klapson’s Hotel’s top floor conference hall, Pattern Traders gathered for the annual Christmas Gathering. Guest speakers for the night included Patrick Cheo, CEO AKLTG, my colleague and fellow trader, Yeo Keong Hee, Feng Shui Si-Fu Andrew Tan and  my friend and economist, David Caploe.

And with that, my business year for 2009 comes to a close. All my swing positions have been closed out for the year and the only ones I have on my board are investments for 2010 and beyond. I can now go for my vacation in peace knowing that everything for 2010 is already in place and ready to go.

Many thanks to my staff at AKLTG; Wandy, Daniel, Nick, Jaq, Aaron and all the part-timers in Singapore, Katherine, Joyce, Erlyn, Surya and the crew in Jakarta, Queenie, Carol and Webster in K.L. and to all the participants and graduates that made my 2009 a really memorable one.

It has been a very long year and it has been a very good year.

Here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & a very Happy & Profitable New Year!


Ho ho ho


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