November 2009 In Review

Busy, busy, busy.

Patterns always repeat themselves, I always say. This November is more proof of that. Just like my previous three Novembers, this year’s proved no different except for a busier flying schedule.

But before we get into the review, I want to highlight the Preview I did on 26 November for my tutorial.

This was not the first time (obviously) that I used this presentation format and those who have attended my previews in the past will know that I don’t hard sell. But for some strange reason, on the 26th, this presentation came out very well and was well received by my 70+ audience that night … the next morning, I received a number of emails saying so …

Just wanna say thank you for being absolutely honest about sharing the bare bones facts about the market, saying it as it is. I was there at the preview talk last night and in that 3 hours, I got to learn more facts and truth about the market than what I could possibly have.

You sure scared the living daylights out of many last night, but i think i’d rather hear that than some bugger hard sell me a hyped up course. Just today (Fri 27 Nov), in the Straits Times, this self styled trading ‘expert’ got ordered by the High Court to refund his former students some $176K. So much for all the bull crapping.

Just goes to show there are too many false prophets out there who are leading so many to their downfalls. I think that really reinforced what you shared last night. I know i need to get me a damn solid financial education ‘cos i know nuts and it became clear last night where i could get it.

See you on the 5th next year. Dun know how much of an ass whipping i’m gonna get from you over the 2 months but i’d rather get ass whipped now than to get it by the market later on in life.

~ Benedict David

… and here’s another …

I attended your preview and I am certain you are the mentor I am looking for.

I previously went to other previews to find out more about stocks, options, futures and forex. I opened demo accounts and started trading. I soon realized that I did not know what I was doing. So I learned about technical indicators and strategies online as well as books from the library. Nothing seem to work, so I kept thinking what I was doing wrong.

Then I chanced upon the book “Trading For A Living” by Elder Alexander. It blew my mind – I was trying to win against the smartest, most experienced traders with my mediocre knowledge. Who did I think I was?

The professionals have spent years in school learning from the best and years upon years in the market. I knew that if I wanted to succeed, I had to put the same effort to learn to be like them. I had to first learn all the fundamentals, technical aspects of the market and psychology of a professional.

In your preview, you shared exactly that. I understand that to fast track my learning, a successful mentor will help. Unfortunately, I am currently not working, so financially, I cannot afford your course. And I agree that I need to establish a second source of income before I start trading or it will affect my emotions when making trading decisions.

I do believe you are sincere so thank you for a wonderful preview, I truly enjoyed it. Look forward to joining your course in future and maybe I’ll seeing you around in Bedok.

~ Aaron Lau

So to those who don’t know what I do and still classify my as “one of those ‘Gurus'”, why don’t you just visit one of my Previews and then judge me. I am so sick and tired of people asking me to proof my trades, audit my accounts and especially fed up with those who label me without knowing what I do. If you don’t want to take the effort to find out about me, then leave me alone – I have never put a gun to anyone’s head to sign up for my tutorial.


Now on to the Reviews ….

WA Jakarta October 2009

Wealth Academy (JKT October 2009) in Jakarta graduated on 2 November 2009. Many thanks to the Coaches who came back to dedicate their time to help the new participants find their way in an intensive 4 day weekend.

SI Event at Bursa Malaysia

Share Investor (K.L.) invited me to do a talk at Bursa on Saturday 7 November. It was quite an impressive turnout and a truly interesting afternoon of sharing ideas.

Before I forget, a really big thanks to G.M. Teoh for a great weekend in K.L. while I was not lecturing. The discussions we had after each dinner and lunch were precious and priceless. It is really good to have a friend-cum-mentor like you for which an upstart like me can pick up so much and gain from all your 32 years of experience. Cheers to you, my friend.

The Wealth Academy JKT grads came back on Friday 13 for their Booster and WBG session. I didn’t get any pictures because I was having so much fun that night but someone grabbed this one of me which I like very much.

… and yes, I got a haircut after that!!

On 18 November, the Pattern Trader Tutorial (WATSG) graduated its 34th Batch of Traders in Singapore. You bunch have really been fun and I must say, the most tenacious because 5 out of our seven nights finished closed to 1am!! Rock on, Dudes and Dudettes!!


For the first time ever, the Pattern Trader Tutorial (WATPG) went to Penang, Malaysia between 20 and 23 November and after more than 30 intensive hours of education over three and a half days at Cititel Hotel, graduated 14 new traders while catching up with 4 other past graduates there.

WAT Penang Batch 01

WAT Penang Batch 01

This was a benchmark tutorial as I took a very difference approach to teaching. Because it was a small class, things were kept extremely informal with the sessions focusing more on discussion than the lecture. This kept things flowing and gave the participants a chance to air their views and queries like never before. Participation was healthy and this gave everyone a chance to “see” the different kinds of attitudes and mindsets that come into the trading room, and thus, the market. Co-operation and camaraderie were also high and this made the Penang Batch a very memorable one indeed. On behalf of Lawrence (who was once again a reliable co-trainer), I want to wish you all the best and to keep the spirit going till we meet again next year!

And finally, 40+ more investors graduated from Wealth Academy SG (WA20) on 29 November.

Wealth Academy Batch 20

And as always, our dedicated bunch of coaches came back to help out and share. You fellas are the boomz!

WA20 Coaches

This batch took us right through Thanksgiving, the Dubai Downer and Black Friday when the Asian Markets lost between 4% to 6% over those two days and the DOW tanked by more than 230 points at Friday’s open, Hari Raya Haji which started the day scorching hot and ended it soaking wet, my mom’s birthday and my 17th wedding anniversary which we celebrated with a fantastic dinner at Big Eaters in old Bedok near Jalan Pari Burung … now that’s a flurry of activity!

Now that November is done and dusted, I only have …

It’s been my busiest November since I started at AKLTG. Since the middle of October this year till the weekend of 12-14 December, I have not had a weekend off. I am so looking forward to my year-end vacation so that I can chill, vegetate, go numb and comatose for a week!

Here’s wishing you all a great Holiday Season!


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