“Why Teach When You Can Trade?” Part 1 of 3

Dear Conrad,

If you are such a successful and profitable trader, why bother teaching? Is it because you make more from teaching than trading?

If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that, I would neither have to teach nor trade … I’d be a very rich man just from those dollars alone! To answer this question once and for all, we have to go back to 2005 to know how it all got started in the first place and then know why I do what I do today …

As a losing trader who had attended many a trading course to learn how to “Make Money!” and “… become a Millionaire!” and so on and so forth, I became jaded and frustrated. It became very apparent that many of the “teachers” out there were simply running a business to make tons of money from batches of students that numbered in the hundreds. The real care, concern and support needed as a follow through after the course was glaringly missing. If there was a post-support program available, you had to pay for it. 

I started teaching because a few friends wanted to know how I overcame my initial difficulties with trading. They wanted to know what I knew and how I turned a losing situation around into a slow and steady and profitable one. I shared what I knew for free at first. More came and I continued to share as I grew and learned more.

It was more like a sudy group than a teacher-student thing at first. But as the demand for my knowledge grew, a friend noticed that some of his peers were coming back week after week asking the same questions as if they didn’t learn anything from the previous weeks. It was suggested that I should start charging a fee for what I was sharing. After all, I was still bankrupt and these people were coming to my home, enjoying my aircon, drinking my drinks and using my internet for free. The idea for charging came about because these people were unconsciously taking me for granted. So I charged for the lessons; S$50 per 4 hour session to learn whatever you wanted.

The demand grew and the repeated questions stopped.

As time went by, more and more came and the price rose to quell demand. Yet they kept coming. By the time I held my last session at home, the “course” had become a 4 session tutorial. $50 had gradually become $700 within a year. Thus was born, The Pattern Trader Tutorial, complete with notes, illustrations and on-going support. 

It was at that time that Adam came up with the proposal that I teach as his center. Adam had been frequenting my home as I was producing several of his videos for his programs at AKLTG. He noticed that I was an avid trader and took interest in this subject as he himself was actively investing. I turned down his offer several times as I didn’t want to become a guru who fell into the classification of which I despise so much. I wanted to offer something that these gurus didn’t; a real education for the benefit of the student, rather than to line my pockets with tons of dough at the expense of my integrity and self respect.

But somehow, Adam, in all his wisedom and vision (and a lot of NLP!), convinced me otherwise. He promised that if I joined his center, I could still continue doing as I pleased without compromising my self worth. I knew Adam as a man of high integrity and related well to him but still I found the proposition daunting.

What if I screwed up? What if what I was teaching was not the right thing? How will people accept me as I am not qualified nor experienced enough? Why would people pay more than $700 to learn from a novice? Why would anyone trust a bankrupt to teach a financial subject? What if I turned out to be the biggest joke in the history of financial gurus?

What if I failed again?

I wanted to teach. I loved sharing and meeting people who wanted to learn how to trade properly. I did my best to learn everything so that I could share it with others. I love seeing their faces week after week as they returned with better results and improved skills. It made me happy that I made others happy. It thrilled me that I was making a difference in other people’s lives. It made me feel good that I was worthy.

It also helped my own trading performance. As their teacher, I was obliged to know more than them and thus, always kept one step ahead of my students. Occasionally, students would provide feedback and this was invaluable information that would either improve my teaching skills or enhance my knowledge of the trading business. It kept me on the cutting edge of my business and still keeps me sharp today. Much of what I know has to be credited to my students who have unselfishly returned the knowledge and shared what they learned with me and other cohort mates. The small study group I had started was becoming more of a community of like-minded goal-getters.

And this alone was inspiration enough for me to accept Adam’s offer, albeit with conditions which were entirely dictated by me. AKLTG accepted my terms unconditionally. This was the measure of the man; my integrity was respected above his business. As long as his business was not undermined and compromised, Adam placed my intergrity above all else and I was able to carry on what I loved doing. This time, it would be in an environment that was professional, managed and organized.

The first batch of 10 students and the second batch of 15 students of the Pattern Trader Tutorial, now carrying the headline name of “Wealth Academy Trader” was held on December 2006 in the back-up/store room of AKLTG’s training center in Tanjong Pagar. For my tutorial, AKLTG had spruced up that room and renamed it TR3.

WAT02 (Jan 2007) in TR3

This was the start of a career that would change my life for better and for worse.

To be continued …


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Indeed Conrad, you have came a long way since than and I’m very happy for your success. I wish you all the Best.

Teaching others from the heart is a noble thing to do. And I feel that u have got the passion to teach others frm ur heart from the way u share during tutorials. Keep it up dude!

Making money is one thing and teaching for the benefit of the other party is entirely another thing. When u teach for the benefit of the other party, the rewards will come in manyfold, without you even thinking about it!

Teaching is a passion, money is just the by-product. It’s the same as Trade to Trade Well, you also Teach to Teach Well too. I fully agree with you, through teaching you can learn much faster and turn out to be much better in that subject. Some ppl might be knowledgeable but they don’t know how to teach; some ppl might not be so professional but they can teach well.
Conrad, you have both the plus points. I’m so lucky to have you as my teacher and I’m proud of it. Thank you!

After watching Apolyptico, I can’t help but to feel that you and Jaguar Paw have several similiar characteristics – He was running for his life, you were fighting for your freedom ;)

Inspiring. Keep it up! :)

Yes, teaching is actually another way of affirming ourselves on the stuffs that we are imparting to others. It builds our own self-confidence and pushes us to inspire others too! =]

Hi Con, lucky you teach otherwise I won’t be able to continue trading after a setback.

Thanks for everything, you are the best guru i ever had!

Give more get more. I guess that’s why a successful people will do. If we donate money we may get return in the other ways “get happiness & satisfication”.
Teach the people whom want to financial success gather the like mind people together & form the network which is valueable for continues long term success. Network is source of information that might important to keep success & that is return of teaching peoples.
Thank you.

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