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What Now, Brown Cow? … Bull Run or Bull S**t?

This has been a week of eye-opening news and reality checks … if only the eyes of those that matter and the reality of those it affects understood what they were reading … NEWS, VIEWS & OVERDUES Now, after so many months of tanking and losses in the financial markets, now after a brilliant mini […]


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Market Update 21 April 2009

This was a hasty post I made on my forum last night …  I reckon we’re in for a helluva bumpy week on higher volatility as earnings season gets hot and heavy.  And if you look at the TRIN the whole of last week, it would seem that there’s a lot of pent-up selling just […]


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April 2009 Gathering – WAT SG

Friday, 17 April 2009, AKLTG TR 1 & 2, 17:00 hours.    That’s David Caploe, whom I was so proud to have, grace our April 2009 WAT Gathering. It was another fantastic night of sharing and discovering. David’s insights into the “bigger picture” of the U.S. economy and the “goings on” behind the success of […]


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Market Update 13 April 2009 BMO

On April 9, 2009, I wrote: I will be expecting either a spectacular break above 8,000 today which would result in some major upside for the rest of April … or a similarly spectacular break down to 7,500. Granted that tomorrow is a Public Holiday and the start of a Three-Day Weekend, I am leaning […]


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Market Update 9 Apr 09 BMO

Since the start of March 2009, the DOW has not had three consecutive down days. Yesterday’s trading session was a significant win for the Bulls. In the face of negative news and broader market bearishness, the Bears were unable to seize the initiative to make a drive down to complete a hat-trick of down days […]


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Housing & Construction Sector Report

A reminder to get your March issue of the Special Report – Housing & Construction which looks at the entire sector for trading and investing opportunities.  This 10 page report contains detailed information on sector news, patterns, fundamentals and everything you need to know about their related ETFs, stocks and indices. To top it all off, the report also looks at […]


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April 2009 In Preview

Here we go! The most bullish month of any year! … well, almost … In the Pattern Trader Tools’ Weekly Market Report, I posted; The last week of March, for the past 50 years, has reliably closed badly. Since 1978, only 9 of the last 30 years had bearish Aprils; 1981, 85, 87, 90, 93, […]