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March 2009 In Review

March 2009 was no different from March 2008 – HECTIC!  Without consecutive off-days to rest up, March only allowed me breaks on the 1st, 8th and 30th days of that month. I am exhausted, aching and my neck is killing me … has been killing me for a week now. Damned thing is so tight […]


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Update on Last Week’s Posting

As expected, some were affected, some protested and others agreed that ailing companies should be allowed to die regardless of the short term rammifications. There were some who felt that the posting was indeed cold as they would be personally affected should their company fold. My question to them is; “Why then, did you not […]


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Survival Of The Fittest?

Here is an excerpt from my next book taken from the Introduction chapter which I wrote about a year ago; Recessions are the modern method that Mother Nature uses to balance power in the economy just as She has been doing in nature for thousands of years. During a shoot for a nature program during […]