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How Does Da DOW Do Dat?

I have had numerous queries from students, ardent readers and the like, about how the price dips on thevarious DOW components have affected the DOW and what happens to the Dow Jones Industrial Average when lower capitalized stocks get replaced by higher capped ones? Or how does Citicorp (C) or Bank of America (BAC) qualify […]


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The Signs Are Starting To Show

I read this without surprise this morning. (Taken from More struggling to pay credit card bills, personal loans on time SINGAPORE: More consumers in Singapore are struggling to pay their credit card bills and personal loans on time. According to data from the Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS), the percentage of consumers who missed at […]


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Sorry … typo

I made a major typo in the previous report; Lest we forget, the current (red) XOP is at 6,939 with an early time target of 4 March 2009, a (more realistic) mid-term target of 8 May 2009 and a longer term target of 24 Aug 2009. It’s supposed to read; Lest we forget, the current […]


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Technical Update 23 Feb 09 AMC

I am expecting DOW to free-fall further with a few technical bounces here and there to continue its fetish collection of Dead Cats along the way. Monday should consolidate, possibly to a modest upside as bargain hunters do their thing. 7,250 is a soft support which DOW should slice through like a hot knife through […]


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Market Preview 23 – 27 February 2009

After my Thursday posting, “Where to now Brown Cow?”, on the state of the local economy, I received a lot of emails from people who were worried that what I wrote would come true and from others who were already feeling the pain and getting worried that if I am right, it will get much […]


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Where To Now, Brown Cow?

Well, it’s not quite the Bull run that geomancers were saying would happen in the Year of the Cow, is it? The DOW, as of last night’s close, is sitting just above the critical level of 7,500, having gone to 7,480 early in yesterday’s intraday session. Whether it holds above 7,500 is going to be […]


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TA Masterclass & This Week In Review

WHAT A BLAST! I couldn’t think of a better way to start this posting. For two days over this past weekend on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 February 2009, more than 85 people attend my very first Technical Analysis Masterclass. This was by far, the most enriching experience in my teaching career so far. Rather […]


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What A Weekend!

What a way to celebrate Chinese New Year … “Profit from the Panic” retained its #5 ranking, “Secret Psychology of Millionaire Traders” has hit the bookstores in a big way and is selling like hot cakes (according to my distributor) and I am about to finish the first draft of my next book (no, its […]