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“Profit” Debuts At #5!

Now if this isn’t a great way to start the New Year, then it’s going to be tough to finder better! On behalf of the other authors and the book’s charity beneficiaries, I would like to thank all those who supported this effort. May your investments always work out for the best! Cheers!


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23 Jan 09 Gathering & A Memorable Week.

That’s right … the man spent about an hour with us last night during the January Gathering, sharing his opinions on Value Investing, property investing and his take on the current and future market and economic outlook. His presentation was in tendem with what he, Ryan Huang and myself wrote about in our latest release, […]


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Looks Like A Red January 2009

Wall Street never changes, the pockets change, the stocks change, but Wall Street never changes, because human nature never changes. – Jesse Livermoore And it is for this reason that patterns are one of the most reliable ways to analyze the market. Patterns tend to repeat just as history often repeats. It could be self […]


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More Woes?

It was nice for Santa to give us an extremely tiny rally between 24 Dec to 6 Jan – if you call that a Santa’s Rally. I call it “Hope on Low Volumes”. The reality of the rally between the 21 Nov 08 low and the 6 Jan 09 high, now seen in retrospect, was […]


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The Advantage of an Opinion

Over the last few weeks, I observed a disturbing trend amongst my traders and found that these “troubled” traders had a common problem (even amongst my seasoned and better Scalpers). This is a very familiar problem to which I had a simple solution. It was a psychological problem that was opening up a weakness in […]


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Trading Update

Follow up on the stocks I mentioned during the Christmas Gathering for the Santa Clause Rally (which ends next week) … Construction & Consumer Durables (Click to enlarge) All would have made you more money than all the other stocks that made rallies in the market. These guys were amongst the biggest gainers in the […]


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Jan ’09 Preview and Prelim Outlook for 2009

It’s a brand new year with brand new opportunities (and brand new risks!) awaiting the unsuspecting trader who dares to venture into the Den! He/She who dares, WINS! If you are too daring, be prepared for the risks. If you though that 2008 was a rough year, watch out … 2009 is going to get […]