Pattern Trader’s (WAT) November Gathering

Date: 16 November 2007
Time: 19:00
Venue: AKLTG TR4 (aka Con’s Trading Den)
Event: November Expiration Friday Gathering

And what an event it was! Talk about a rawking good time!

The night started off with a round up of the current markets and what we can expect in the near future and in 2008. Shocking stuff but always a possibility if you consider defensive play.

Then we discovered the real truths behind Interest Rates and its effect on the markets … lesson learned: never believe everything you read!
(Credit Henry for discovering that great video)

Then our dear Henry brought us through the basics of Currency Trading in simple buy and sell positions. This man makes me proud. His commitment to the cause is admirable.

Then Akalawoo (also known as otakalawoo also known as kokolashi but really known as Lawrence-the-Strangler-when-he’s-not-Straddling)brought us through a detailed refresher on Options.

His complete understanding of the subject made it so easy for all of us to understand the intricacies of this complex instrument. Again, I am proud to have him as a training partner. “The Force is strong with this one!”

Then the Scalper everyone wanted to meet … former schoolmate, my POE partner in both Mod 1 and 2, fellow SBG mate, and now, my most accomplished Scalper, Bernard.

It was really great of him to step up upon request to hear his experiences and share his techniques. Then again, as my esteemed partner in life’s experiences, I never doubted his willingness.

It was really the most powerful and empowering session we’ve ever had and I am glad I stuck it out in spite of not being in the best of states. Thank you all for being part of this memorable night and I am so looking forward to our Christmas Gathering on 21st December. Let’s make that one a really Special One!!

Cheers! and Happy Hunting Always!!



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