A New Trading Record!

Between the months of March and April 2007, I became rather conservative about taking on too many positions as the market recovered from Shanghai Surprise (Feb 27) and Terrible Tuesday (March Mar 6). My account had taken a big hit so I became cautious in the months to follow. I was also overly cautious during May for obvious reasons. By June, the market (in my opinion) had become dangerously overbought and I began trading less and less.

Still, in spite of having more than US$11,870 in winning trades for a profit of about US$7,300 for the month of June, more than US$6,ooo profits for (the conservative month of) May, more than US$8,000 for April and US$5,500 in March … there were Doubters who scoffed and scythed me for being a Professional Trader who made paltry sums.

US$26,800 in 4 months, “Paltry”.

To me, that’s more than I ever made in the first three years of my bankruptcy because that works out to more than S$40,000. Some people work a whole year just to make that. And there are others who work harder and don’t even make half of that in a year. “Paltry”.

The irony of this is that these Doubters claimed to have made much more in a single trade or a single day, week or month.




(Note the silence after that last sentence …. shhh …. listen ….)




And it ends there.

Okay, I’ll break the silence with one word …. Consistency. Its great to have made so much more than me in a single trade or in a single day, week or month. My challenge is: “Do it again, … and again and again and again ….”. Plus I never claimed to be anything other than a full-time trader who has hardly any time to trade because of the Slave-Driving, Super-High-Quality-Driven, High-Integrity, Schedule-Packed, Master-of-my-Universe and personal tormentor … Adam Khoo and his band of merry Learning Technologies Group!

The other irony about their (the Doubters’) claim is that talk is cheap.

So as a practitioner of what I preach, allow me to give you a lesson in the importance of Consistency:

I came back trading solidly for the month of July in spite of it being the start of the worst quarter. This was to be a bonus in my quest to prove the Doubters wrong. You see, another claim they made was that I could only make money in an up-trending market and that my students were no better.

And as we all know, we headed for Southerly destinations in July. The following captures are taken off my forum and reflect not only the trades but also what I was doing when I traded them. Oh, and while you are at my forum, you can check out how much some of my students made in the downtrend of July:


If you’re wondering why the captures are sometimes yellow and sometimes blue; my broker, Interactive Brokers (IB), upgraded the Mac version during the weekend of 14 Jul. Thus, yellow are caps off my lap while I’m teaching/presenting and blue is off my Mac at home. The Windows version of the workstation (TWS) is different on Mac. (Its Better!!)

Just so that the Doubters don’t think this is a scam …

July Accounts

The (almost) Final Tally is:
$15,563.70 in 9 trading days and
$19,631.95 for the month of July..

There is still one more day left and I intend to trade it.

And the missing $398.51 (difference between my record and the P/L)? … that’s how much I racked up in commissions and cancellations. You may subtract the commissions and cancellations from those totals and it still won’t make a dent.

Oh! One more thing for the Doubters … go ask the more than 130 different people who saw this record in its process … including 77 Wealth Academy students and >12 coaches, 15 Pattern Traders from Batch 06 and >30 Pattern Traders from the Gathering! And then go continue making your claims behind closed doors.

I apologize if this posting sounds angst. Because it is.

Why can’t people make themselves look good by bettering themselves. Why is there a need to make others look bad in order to make themselves look good? Why must there be this need to compare and compete?

The answer: Because they haven’t attended Adam’s Patterns of Excellence program!

Seriously, these people lack the self esteem and confidence to excel beyond their current mind set. We call it a Limiting Belief System. As a result, once they’ve hit a ceiling, or as we say in trading: Resistance, they often resort to comparing themselves to others in order to attain that sense of “I’ve done better than you” achievement, to justify their self denial.

Is it that difficult to raise the bar? Can it be that tough to aim higher? How impossible is it to attain a higher goal?

Its actually not that easy but because human nature is such, our ego and pride often get ahead of us and we get this desperate urge to prove ourselves before our time. So we justify … we blame … we find excuses … we complain … and we put others down in the name of Ourselves. The sad truth is that the only one still in pain, is our self. Everyone else will go on with their lives and their short term memory of your empty claim fades into the distance. And the pain remains.

Nothing in life comes easy. And if it does, it never lasts. I believe that anything can be achieved in baby steps. Once you’ve taken that first tiny baby step, you learn. Then you grow. Before you know it, the baby steps are now leaps and bounds. We call it: Exponential Growth. And this growth can only be achieved with Consistency.

The next time you feel the need to compete or compare, do yourself a favor; look into your own wallet and be happy with what you have. It wasn’t easy to achieve it but you did. But if you’re not happy with what you see, do something about it. Take Action and make it happen for yourself.

It matters not that others are better than you. It only matters that you can be better than yourself.


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