Making Money or Not Losing It?

The amount of email queries I get on a daily basis can be anything between 10 to 50 on any given day … more on the weekends, naturally. Most of these queries are the usual “how much is the tutorial?”, “is the tutorial applicable for newbies with no experience or financial background?”, “how will I know whether Options Trading is for me?” …

Well, before I get to the main topic, let me answer some of these questions;
The cost of the tutorial is still cheaper than all the other seminars in Singapore. I teach beginning at the lowest most basic level and you leave with an intermediate level understanding of Trading. Read that again; Trading. And that means I don’t teach Options Trading as all the other seminars do. I teach absolute beginners the basics of Trading from which they can graduate to trade any instrument they desire; Currencies, Equities, Futures, Commodities, Options, etc. I teach this in the old fashion way which means there is no reliance on software, subscriptions or fancy filtering systems. I’ll teach you how to be a Trader.

You will learn to trade within your psychological limitations and financial tolerance. You will adapt a style which suits your lifestyle and needs. You will trade for a secondary income till you are confident enough to lay your boss off and do this full time.

Then comes the question of all questions; “How much can I make?”

My answer is simple; “How much can you afford to lose?”

Of course the answer is always that no one wants to lose. So why then, shouldn’t the question be;

“How much will I not lose?”

To be a successful trader takes practice and discipline. And the two most important practices and disciplines are not to lose money and how to cut losses quickly. In a nutshell, DEFENSE. Look at what all the top investors preach and you’ll get an of idea how wrong it is to preach about making money and to sell dreams of getting rich quick;

Warren Buffet: “Rule No.1 is never lose money. Rule No.2 is never forget rule number one.”

George Soros: It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.

As in life, we always protect ourselves first, whether its about sex, love, family, our businesses, our car, home, etc … we always look for ways to protect these interests from anything untoward. In the army, we are trained to defend before we attack. Same goes for martial arts; defense before attack. Its the same story in competitive sport be it soccer, tennis, even chess. Defense before Attack.

In history, can you recall any war in which the attackers or invaders prevailed? As far as I can recall, the Defenders always returned victorious and even pushed the offenders back into their own lands. In some cases, the Defenders, after a successful defensive campaign, turned and became the aggressors and conquered the lands of their oppressors.

So the lesson is clear; We always defend ourselves and our interests from harm, damage, sickness, loss and defeat. Shouldn’t this be the attitude we carry into our new venture as Trader and Investors?

Instead, greed gets the better of our minds because we have been constantly bombarded with advertisements of making huge profits, of quick and risk-free returns, of millionaire dreams and the most influential of them all … a life of financial freedom. All this is summed up in one word … Hype.

To me, such programs are only good if you already have an intimate understanding of the skills involved. Only then, will you grasp the inner and complex workings of Options Trading. Only then will you be able to appreciate why such programs have to be conducted the way they are. Only then will you see how and why so many have failed and “died like the rest” after learning from the “best”.

Trading is like everything we do. And everything we think and do is reflected in the way we trade.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t count small change after paying up for groceries at NTUC Fairprice, this will also come out in your trading mentality. And soon you’ll be asking why the market shortchanged you or how come your profits are not quite what you estimated it to be.

If you’re the type who buys on impulse without checking out competitive prices or checking for minor defaults in your product, then you’ll find yourself trading securities that won’t move or will have sudden reversals.

If you buy fashion when everybody else is already into it, chances are, you’ll look dated within the week. Your trades will be the type that went up and up and by the time you bought into it, it will probably start reversing.

So if you want to buy into the hype, be prepared to suffer the quote of the market;

“Buy the Rumor & Sell the News”.

When you were a kid, do you remember your parents working their butts off to get you into the best school? As a parent haven’t you done the same? You will check out the schools results, ranking, what their old students have become and even if ministers were formally students there.

Shouldn’t this be the same sort of diligence you owe yourself before you pick a seminar or tutorial?

With regard to that, allow me to pose a thought for you; How is it that more than 60% of my traders have come from other seminars and/or workshops after having failed at their first attempt at trading, while none of my other 40% of newbie students have had the need to do the same?

Food for thought, isn’t it.

And why is it that you don’t see me advertising aggressively in the press or at least as often as the other seminars do? And why am I the most affordable for the most dedicated time as a coach to my students?

If you need to know the answers to those questions, then you need to do the first thing a Trader should do … Research and Due Diligence.

I am not a guru. I am a coach. And as your coach, I will kick your ass, I will cuss you out and I will stretch you till you give me your best and only after you have survived my coaching, will you have the right to call yourself a trader. Anything less, and you will be a gambler. Because you want to be coached by a Trader who trades for a living and not by a Mentor who makes a fortune by teaching.

You want a coach who produces students who consistently make money and not one who produces a one-time flash-in-the-pan 4000% profit.

The most important investment you’ll ever make is the choice of education for Trading. The wrong investment will lose you more money that what you paid to get that education. Start investing wisely by limiting your risk to yourself. Do your research and due diligence and ask yourself the most obvious questions. Then don’t deny yourself the truth.

If fortune is what you seek, be prepared for the risks. If a secondary income and a lifetime’s education is what you’re looking for, look no further. Because no one else does it the way I do. And you’ve seen it in my forum.

So would you like your cup half empty or half full? I like mine filled from the bottom to the brim.


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Yo Conrad!!
Congratulations on getting this blog up.

I agree 1000% with what you said, and why is that?

1. I used to “invest”, aka, gamble on Singapore stocks. Made some, lost some, never know whether money was coming or going. :-) Small time, very ad-hoc.
2. Attended your tutorial. Saw a very different side to trading. Embraced the philosophy of defensive trading first (just like “safety first” maxim). Learnt the skills and techniques. Consistently trading now and making pretty consistent profits, although more work needs to be done to be even more consistent than what I do today. Its only up to me now to practice. You have pointed the way to me in the turorial.
3. Absolutely right about options trading. I am doing options trading only because I had done a lot of research into how it works and used the trading techniques you taught in trading with different instruments like stocks and options. I am not an options expert. I am only at level 1 of using options as an instrument. I know I still have a long way to go with that instrument.

In summary, the techniques and philosophy is extremely critical to successful trades, not the instrument (like stocks, currencies or options). The philosophy and mindset comes first, just like in martial arts. The instruments come later.

Thanks Conrad

Agree with you Conrad. Althought I haven’t officially become an investor/trader yet, I think my “best investment” so far is to attend your tutorials. The price is not cheap for my budget (it’s very expensive comparing to my income). However, comparing to the othe trading courses around, I have no doubt that yours is the most affordable for the much-more-than-expected value offered.

Kenny Tran

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